Fuller Space Filling FulaFoam

Fula Foamâ„¢ Space Filling Foam is a triple expanding, general purpose, polyurethane foam that will fill cavities ranging in size from small gaps to larger spaces. It can be used inside or outside, will adhere to a wide range of substances and will provide an airtight, moisture resistant seal when cured.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Triple expanding
  • Fills cavities without shrinking
  • Can be cut and sanded to produce a neat and tidy finish
  • Paintable
  • Ozone friendly

Recommended Use:

  • Sealing around penetrations through walls and floors
  • Filling wide gaps and cracks around window frames
  • Sealing against draughts, moisture and noise

Suitable Substrates:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Galvanised iron
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Cement sheet
  • Plasterboard
  • Cement render