Rural Sheds

Looking for the perfect farm shed to protect your expensive equipment, or simply looking for the perfect outlet to entertain your friends? Whatever the reason, our experienced staff at Sheds N Homes can help you find the perfect steel structure to suit your living requirements.

At Sheds N Homes we understand how important your farm equipment is not only to – that’s why we only offer the highest quality, no compromise steel building solutions. We also offer flexible designs with spans of up to 12 metres, lengths of 30 metres or more and heights over 5 metres.

Sheds N Homes’ offer a range of farm sheds, from the open front farm sheds to the open gable farm sheds. We also have a range of horse arenas, covers and barns of all sizes to suit your requirements.

Our friendly and experienced staff have many years experience in the construction of large steel structures and can not only supply you with premium quality farm sheds, storage and machinery sheds, but can also help you get council approval and construct your new steel building.

Wallaroo Shed

The Wallaroo Shed is the ideal compact machinery shed, featuring 3 x 4m bays. Made from premium quality BlueScope Steel.

7m x 12m x 3.6m

•Open bay farm shed •Three 4m bays •Premium quality BlueScope steel



Burnie Shed

The Burnie is a neat shed perfect for smaller spaces. It is has three bays, with one enclosed and two opened.

7.5m x 13.5m x 3.6m

•Partially enclosed farm shed •Features three bays at 4.5m each •Two open bays •One enclosed bay



Portland Shed

The Portland Shed is the ultimate farm shed for protecting your big investments, and features up to six bays.

9m x 24m x 4.2m (6 Bays of 4m)

12m x 36m x 5m (6 Bays of 6m)

•Open bay farm shed •Choose from either six bays of 4m or six bays of 6m •Supplied in high tensile BlueScope steel and Zincalume •Heavy duty sheeting


Gympie Shed

The Gympie Shed is a favourite amongst farmers, and is an open front shed with an abundance of storage space and has four 4m bays and many advanced application features.

7.5m x 16m x 3.6m

9m x 16m x 3.6m

•Open bay farm shed •Four bays of 4m


Burra Machinery Shed

The Burra Machinery Shed is the perfect storage area for hay and machinery. It is an open bay farm shed with a big 12m opening and a 6m bay.

9m x 18m x 4.2m

12m x 18m x 5m

•Open bay farm shed •One 6m bay •One 12m opening •Heavy duty columns for security


Maleny Shed

The Maleny Shed is a super sized farm shed perfect for keeping your expensive equipment covered. There are five 6m bays and up to 5m of height – to help meet your building requirements.

12m x 30m x 5m

15m x 30m x 5m

•Open bay farm shed •One 12m opening •Three 6m bays •High tensile BlueScope steel and Zincalume •Heavy duty sheeting


Katoomba Shed

The Katoomba Shed is the mother of all Farm Sheds! This incredible steel building has six huge 12m openings, in varying heights to suit your building needs. Made with quality BlueScope Steel and ZINCALUME sheeting. (Image is for Illustrative purposes only).

20m x 72m x 5m

20m x 72m x 6m

20m x 72m x 7m

•Open bay farm shed •Six huge 12m openings •Premium quality BlueScope steel

Eumundi Shed

The Eumundi Shed is in everyway the perfect farm shed. Featuring an open bay with two big 8m openings and made from quality BlueScope Steel.

7.5m x 20m x 4.2m

9m x 20m x 4.2m

•Open bay farm shed •Two large 8m openings •One 4m bay •Heavy duty columns for security


Geraldton Shed

With a 5m bay and a huge 10m opening, The Geraldton Shed is one of our most economical farm sheds.

9m x 15m x 4.2m

12m x 15m x 5m

•Open bay farm shed •One large 10m opening •One 5m bay


Ballarat Shed

The Ballarat Shed is an incredible outback shed with one 8m opening plus two 4m bays. There is also an option for a Mezzanine.

7.5m x 16m x 3.6m

9m x 16m x 3.6m

•Open bay farm shed •One 8m opening •Two 4m bays •Mezzanine floor is available as an optional extra


Kununurra Shed

The Kununurra Shed is all about value! This outstanding farm shed is the perfect machinery or storage shed and features an open front with five 4m bays. Made from quality BlueScope Steel.

7.5m x 20m x 3.6m

9m x 20m x 4.2m

•Open bay farm shed •Five 4m bays •High tensile BlueScope steel and Zincalume •Heavy duty sheeting


Pilbara Workshop

The Pilbara Workshop has an abundance of open space with both a side and gable opening. This steel building is the best cover for all your machinery.

12m x 18m x 5m

18m x 18m x 5m

•Partially enclosed shed •Featuring side opening •One 18m gable opening •Plenty of options


Coolangatta Shed

The Coolangatta Shed is an enormous outback shed offering three huge 12m openings.

12m x 36m x 5m

15m x 36m x 5m

•Open bay farm shed •Three massive 12m openings •Double columns for security